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International Student Recruitment 

The Canada Network has held regular, successful international student recruitment events in the Philippines, Hong Kong and South Korea on behalf of partner post-secondary institutions since 2013.

If you are interested in growth of student numbers from the Philippines contact us to see how we can use our local expertise and network to meet your international student recruitment targets.

  • The Philippines has seen a 100% growth rate in international study permit issuance since 2014. (2016)

  • The Philippines has been designated as an emerging target market for international students by the Canadian government. (2016)

  • The Philippines has just completed it's K-12 education system transition which is expected to dramatically  increase the number of HS grads to enroll in Canadian post-secondary system. 

  • Articulation agreement potential with HS and tertiary institutions in the Philippines.

  • Excellent source of mature students attracted by Permanent Residency transition immigration streams.

  • Philippine applicants meet language requirements, median score on Academic IELTS 6.8. (2016)

  • Sustained 7% economic growth has greatly increased numbers of economically viable applicants.


Overview of Philippines Specific Funnel-Metrics.

Contact us about your institutions recruitment initiatives.

Examples of previous events below:

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