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   Canada For Christmas


This Christmas give the extraordinary gift of opportunity!

As Christmas season begins, the Canada Network has a special gift for you.

Mr. Earl Blaney (ICCRC) Cebu’s only resident Immigration Consultant recognized and registered with the Canadian government invites you to view our online information session to assist your understanding of Canadian immigration programs, laws and application procedures.  Stay tuned early next week for the video. 


Main Topics: Canada’s New Student Permit System (June 2014 start)

                        Canada’s New Express Entry System (January 01, 2015 start)


Don’t miss this great opportunity to know more!


For more infomration about the Canadain Government's new rules requiring all Canadian visa applications from the Philippines to be processed by Canadian government authorized representatives click here.


Make an appointment with us today to see how you can give yourself or those you love the gift of opportunity this Christmas season with Canada for Christmas and The Canada Network! #canadaforchristmas




        Thanks to John and our friends at Y101

                      for all their support!.

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