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                Amazing November Promo!

                        The Care ProgramTM

                                                                                Care for Canada, and Canada WILL Care for you.




Step 1.

Easiest. Fastest. Most Certain Way for Caregivers to get Canadian PR

You will attend an 8 to 12 month Canadian college program. Either focusing on child homecare, or medical support for elderly, disabled or chronic disease. To see our list of programs and program costs please book a FREE consultation. 


The Canada Network Inc. will prepare and submit your college application. If you have one year of post secondary education , or have graduated you WILL qualify in most cases.


Graduating from this program automatically earns you the right to work in Canada for a year post graduation.

POST GRADUATE WORK PERMIT. You can also work while you study! 

Step 2.

Once in Canada it is EASY to find a job as a caregiver. Caregivers are in a state of critical shortage. It is this crisis that has caused Citizenship and Immigration Canada in co-ordination with the Department of Health Canada and the Economic and Social Development Canada to call for the urgent re-opening and expansion of Canada's caregiver immigration program.


Of all the listed job titles in Canada on the National Occupation Database "Caregivers" has the highest future rating outlook in terms of employment prospects. Caregivers rank 3 out of 3 stars for future employment outlook on the Canadian Government's "Job BanK" in EVERY single Canadian province except one. All employment data current to 2014. Click Link Here.


Graduates from a Canadian cargiver program enjoy a near perfect (100%) job placement rate within four months of graduation. If you want to work in Canada THIS IS the feild for you. Median salaries are set at almost $19 CAD and hour or 750 pesos. However many caregivers earn much more. See 2014 wage data click here.


Once your Post Graduate Work permit expires you can apply for a NEW temporary work permit from INSIDE Canada. No need to leave! You are now able to work in hospitals and senior care facilities also!


Step 3.

After ONLY 2 years of full time work, you qualify to apply for Permanent Residency. The government of Canada now pledges to process your PR application in an expidited manner which will take 6 months or less. This is due to complaints that formerly long processing times caused such a delay in family reunification. The Canadian government has heard these concerns and decided to act decisivley. Once becoming a PR you are able to sponsor your family or loved ones to join you in Canada. Your family's PR applications are processed concurrently (at the same time) as yours.


Welcome to Canada! Welcome to a better life!

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