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The Canada Network Inc. is proud to offer the Care Program ALL November for a sign up fee of ONLY 30,000 P. This includes the professional preparation of your school application and your student visa permit application, along with our always OUTSTANDING follow up consultations.The fee is due in two milestones.


1) 15,000 P Retainer fee (covers school application and visa application preparation.

    (Milestone 1 must be met before November 30th).


2) 15,000 P due at the time of student visa submission.

     (Milestone 2 can be paid after November when all documents are gathered).


Our ICCRC member Mr. Earl Blaney  is the only Canadian Government authorized licensed immigration consultant living and working in Cebu City. An experienced, licensed legal professional  Mr. Blaney (RCIC) will be the only one to advise you and takes great pride in preparing your application personally while maintaining close contact with you, the valued client. No local unlicensed office staff, no delays in responding to your questions or concerns. You are paying for professioanl advice and at the Canada Network you get your money's worth. Our prices are low because there is no need for you to spend thousands of dollars for professional legal advice.


Mr. Blaney (RCIC) is bound by the Immgration Consultants of Canada strict code of Ethical Practice. All clients have access to complaint mechanisms supervised by the Council and the government of Canada for your absolute protection. All clients are covered by Mr. Blaney's mandatory Errors and Ommissions insurance which covers clients in the unlikely event of an error made in the application preparation and submission process.


Mr. Blaney has an Hon BA in Law (2002) and has been a member of the ICCRC since 2013. This is an excellent opportunity to work with an experienced legal professional who CAN help you move forward quickly. Email us today for a Free Consultation.
       032.268.2939. (office)    0919.674.5085


* The Canada Network reserves the right to opt NOT to represent a client, based on estimated likelihood of visa rejection.




Our 30,000 P fee includes our professional preparation of your school and government applications. Including a point by point address of grounds of refusal to the Canadian visa officer and supporting documentation to back up each point. Our written submissions to the government of Canada on our client's behalf are FAR SUPERIOR to industry standards due to our licensed  experience and training in the feild.


Other fees include cost of school application assesment charged by Canadian college. ($100-$200 CAD)


Visa Aplication Service Charge ($150 aprox)


College Tuition/ airfare/ "show money" (various)


Government of Canada processing charges ($300 aprox)


(other possible expenses may apply, but not for visa prep.)

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