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Post-Secondary Partners

The majority of students choose to study in Canada with the goal of Permanent Residency in mind.

Student to Permanent Residency pathways are complicated and depend a great deal on your personal background and ability to achieve a high Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score post-graduation or your ability to otherwise qualify for provincial nomination. The school you choose, the province you study in, the program you choose as well as post graduation employment rates are all extremely important factors. Do not underestimate these factors before making this significant investment.


Most education agents receive large commission payments from partner schools. For this reason they connect you with a school that benefits THEM. At The Canada Network we work with all schools across Canada  to find a school and a program that benefits YOU. If you happen to choose a partner school we use the commission money earned to reduce your fees.

The Canada Network recognizes that student applications are investments, and we handle them as such. For this reasons we start each potential study permit application process in three stages with no commitment from clients to proceed.

1. Express Entry Projections:  Knowing what scores you need, and how your scores are affected by Canadian study, work and language improvements is a crucial element to choosing the correct program and region of study and whether or not to proceed. There is no guessing or hope involved, Canada's Express Entry system is based on pure math - this fact allows us to calculate scenarios with precision, in advance. As they say "you have to know where you are going to get there", this is our client specific road map.

2. School and Program Selection: The Canada Network evaluates the clients interest and match them to various important factors such as interest,  labour market adaptability and visa approval probability.

Sometimes clients are set on a particular program (for whatever reason) in this case, after a thorough client review of risks and benefits we proceed directly to preparing and submitting the college/university application.


3. Study Permit Application:  Our guarantee is that we will submit the best application possible in your particular circumstance. We are extremely thorough. Our legal work is excellentour customer support is exceptional.

Serving students globally. Anyone from anywhere.

100% online service and support

our legal work is excellent, our customer support is exceptional.

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