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April 12, 2015 2-6pm

Dear Canadian Schools and Administrators;


As the Canadian government sets its sights on the goal of 450,000 international students yearly by 2020 it is important  to consider where this growth and where your next generation of students are likely to emerge from.  The Philippines scores well in both traditional market potential considerations and also exceptionally well in the broader, more modern desire to use international studies as a gateway to long term immigration pathways. The Canadian government’s recognition of the value of using internationally trained students as an esteemed source of permanent immigration is reflected in policy changes to the student permit system, points bonuses under Express Entry as well as government published materials promoting this pathway. While the embassy in Manila has been somewhat slow to adapt, visa approval rates continue to improve thanks in part to your correspondence and interaction. We are pleased to see significant, positive improvements in this area. It is important to acknowledge that the main growth called for in the number of international students is going to come mainly from markets where the main attraction to Canada is employment or migration opportunity. Not only is international education good for the Canadian economy, it is good for Canadian industry providing a steady source of Canadian trained, educated and adapted immigrants who will greatly assist in driving our economy forward.

The Philippines represents an excellent opportunity for international student acquisition.


Language Ability: According to the 2012 IELTS test taker performance statistics Filipino students placed 2nd overall with an average score of 6.8 on the academic version of the test.[i] This puts the average Filipino students above the 6.5 required by most Canadian institutions.


Financial Ability: Based on data from the National Economic and Development Authority, the Central Visayas (of which Cebu is the prominent city) is one of the “fastest growing economies” in the country. GDP has increased almost 7% a year for the past five years and rapid growth is expected to continue. The rapid growth of the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry has been the main catalyst. Further, changes set to take effect to Canada’s student visa program June 01 of 2014 make it easier for Filipino students to finance their education by providing open work permits to students studying at designated institutions. Further, previous changes allowing post-graduation work opportunities to graduates as well as the Canadian Experience class immigration program have all made Canada a more attractive option.


Canadian Connection: The Canadian embassy’s efforts to promote a semi-annual “Study in Canada” fair in Manila has seen the numbers of Filipino students admitted to Canada increase 25% annually from 2010-2013. Filipinos already share family connections with Canada. The Philippines has been in the top three source destinations for both new permanent residents and temporary skilled workers since 2004. Simply put, it is hard to find a Filipino citizen who does not have some kind of connection with Canada via a family member. This connection cannot be understated in inspiring the notion of Filipinos choosing Canada as a place to study.


We will be organizing a seminar for would be Filipino students at the Diamond Hotel in Cebu City on April 12th, 2015. Cebu known as the “Queen of the South” is the second largest city in the Philippines next only to Manila.


Canadian Education Exhibition (CEE): The exhibition is divided into two separate phases. The first phase, the "seminar phase" will be used to educate students about Canada's study permit system and the new rules set to take effect June 1st. Other speakers (for example IDP the IELTS administrator in the Philippines) will also be invited to make oral and visual presentations. Other major sponsors will also have their materials introduced.


The second phase, the "walk-through phase" we will be making available application and program information sent from participating schools in Canada. We would like to invite you to send distributable materials to the event to which we are expecting between 300 and 400 students and parents. Brochures relating to admission standards as well as particular programs or school branded giveaways are welcomed. All schools are asked to also include a medium to large sized poster to assist with the visual coordination of their display area.


See sponsorship options below, all sponsors and non-sponsors are welcome to forward information packets. You are welcome to provide your own regionally based representative to this event, or we will provide basic training to a member of our staff to fulfill that duty.  All participating schools display areas will be equipped with a guest log. All guest logs will be scanned and emailed to schools participating regardless of sponsorship class. This year we are asking all participating institutions to make a minimum donation of $100 US to have materials distributed and guest logs forwarded to the school. One of the benefits of major or minor sponsorship however, does include the training and staffing of a program officer at your display area to communicate details about your school, its programs and also ensure guest logs are properly detailed by visitors.


We look forward to hearing from you via the registration form (bottom of this page) or by private email.


Kind regards,



Earl Blaney (RCIC) Exhibition Organizer &Angela Oakey Marketing Director/Organizer

Cebu Office Hotline: +63 (32) 268.2939 Cell +63 927.246.3277

Skype: earl.blaney


Kind regards,



Earl Blaney (RCIC) Exhibition Organizer

Cebu Office Hotline: +63 (32) 268.2939 Cell +63 927.246.3277

Skype: earl.blaney


      Major Sponsor (Limit 6)

           $300 US


        Minor Sponsor (Limit 10)

                  $175 US

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Click here for cost transparency details

Click here for cost transparency details

All participating schools will receive an “End of Event Report” this will include the names, phone numbers and emails of students who visited your booth during the event. To see photos and the Facebook page of last year’s Cebu CEE please visit the following web address we welcome individual queries by email or phone or via the contact numbers listed on this page. We are confident you will see the value in participating in this low cost promotional opportunity. Earl Blaney is a member in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) Membership # R509392. Our home office has been in Cebu City, Philippines for over two years presently.

Download Particpipants Checklist Click Here

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   2014 CEE Participating Schools.


                  $100 US

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