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                               The Canada Network is licensed under Saskatchewan's Foreign Worker Recruiter and Immigration Service Act

                                (license # 00355) as BOTH Immigration Consultants AND foreign worker recruiters.


                                We have a great deal of experience preparing SINP  nominations, SINP job approval and work permit based on SINP                                                     nominations. Due to POEA rules in the Philippines we do NOT provide direct job placement services to Filipinos in the                                                   Philippines. 

For clients who have a pre-existing job offer from an employer in Saskatchewan, please contact us and we can assist your employer to

facilitate SINP approval.

Typically the process follows the following step (we can assist with any or all stages)

Step 1: SINP JOB APPROVAL (Setting up employer portal and professional assistance with job offer and job description) 

Step 2: Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee application. 

Step 3: Work permit application based on SINP work support letter.

Step 4: Permanent Resident application.

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