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Register for Canada's New Express      Entry & New Caregiver Seminar

                     Pre- Assessment Services

The first step of the Express Entry is to have your transcripts, resumes and skills assessed to see if you meet Canadian standards  and if your experience is transferrable to Canada.  The Canada Network Inc. can evaluate your documents and provide you with a pre-assessment to determine if your qualifications are likely to meet Canada's requirements.


The fee for this service is ONLY 1500 pesos, a 500 pesos discount from our usual fee.  This one time Canada for Christmas discount only applies to those who register for the seminar on Nov 30, 2014.  You can bring your transcipts/resume to the event or email them to us and pay by Dec 24, 2014 to avail of this special offer.  Pay in cash at the event or before Dec 24, 2014.


The required assessment of your documents for entry into the Express Entry System is $300 and non-refundable.  Before you invest this much money, allow us to pre-assess your qualifications and advise you on wheter it is likely or not that you will pass. 


                     It is in your BEST interest!



General Public admission to the event is FREE.


Agencies and agency staff welcome for admission fee of 6,000 P

This Agency fee includes finalized Express Entry program guide, speaking notes, recorded video and implementation strategy guide. (maximum 2 seats per agency inclusive due to limited seating). Please contact us to pre-order the materials package for printing and distribution).


Public and agency staff REGISTER USING FORM BELOW. Limited seating

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