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Study & Stay Pathway



Study and graduate from a program 8 months or more.


You can work 20 hrs a week while studying. Your spouse can work without restriction.

Gain bonus CRS points earn PGWP.






A Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) is given to everyone who completes their studies from a qualifying school.

The PGWP matches duration of your studies. Use this time to gain Canadian work experience and CRS points.






Qualify for Permanent Residency (PR)

The Canadian government has designated international graduates as the top tier of perspective immigrants. International students are adjusted to life in Canada, have certified Canadian education, often Canadian work experience and are functionally work ready to assist Canada with it's skills shortage. 

By 2018 international students are expected to make up over 65% of Canada's source of economic immigrants.

The Canada Network are leading EXPERTS in student to Permanent transition strategies and planning.

With ten years experience  working for post-secondary institutions and a decade experience assisting international students abroad, let us use our knowledge and expertise (on both sides of the ocean) to create a Student to PR transition plan especially for you. 


  • Express Entry score post graduation.

  • Provincial Nominee Express Entry option in province of study.

  • Post Graduation employment rates in region of study.

  • Canadian schools post grad employment rates.

  • Employment prospects (national and regional) resulting from academic program enrolled in.

  • Ability of spouse/children to accompany.

                   CEC                                             PNP                               Express Entry

Canadian Experience Class      Provincial Nomination


Most clients will gain on average 100 CRS points after completing one year college program and one year work experience in Canada. This points increase may result in Express Entry success.

Residents of Canada (international grads)

gain special access to Provincial Nominee programs (for Canadian residents only) the Express Entry scores for these programs are MUCH lower than Federal requirements.

The Canadian government continues to extend bonus points to international graduates in Canada's Express Entry system. Points bonuses make it much easier to gain Permanent Residency.

Student-to-Permanent Residency explained for you.


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