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On October 31st, 2014 Citizenship and Immigration Canada made a very special announcement about Canada's Caregiver Program (formerly the "Live in Caregiver" program). Highlights Include:


          - The Canadian government has pledged to accept 30,000 caregivers in 2015 (400% increase). 

- A Child Care Stream (ECE Grads/students/teachers welcome to apply).

- A High Medical Needs Stream (Nurses, Hospital Assistants, Home Support Workers welcome to apply).


-Higher wages, Average earning 30,000 P weekly..

-Near 100% employment rate in this field! Best employment outlook in Canada. 


-Expedited Permanent Residency Processing (within 6 months WAS 39 months), means family reunification IN CANADA MUCH SOONER!

-Qualify for PR after 1 year of Canadian education and 2 years of Canadian Work experience.

-No need to "live-in", if choosing to "live-in" EXEMPT from rent and boarding costs.


                                             -Click here for full program details-

               Amazing November Promo!

                 The Care ProgramTM

                                                                     Care for Canada, and Canada WILL Care for you.


                                            1 Year of Study (Caregiving Program, in Canada)


                                             2 Years of Work (Caregiving in Canada)






30,000 P only all November long!

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