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The Canada Network


The Canada Network is a company that is dedicated to providing

immigration information to clients both in Canada and those living abroad.


Our philosophy has always been if we make expert information available, people will come to us if they need further assistance and professional service. Unlike other companies, we seek to gain your patronage by providing you with information rather than keeping you in the dark.


You may not need professional representation, but if you do speak with us. Our reasonable rates and our outstanding ICCRC licensed professional service is unmatched.


Canada's Job Bank is a very powerful tool to assist you:


-Understanding Canadian labour market demand.

-Gauging demand for your particular occupation in Canada.

-Learning about current regional/provincial labour market demand.

-Learning about wage rates per occupation by region.

-Choosing a post-secondary program that will lead to employment and PR pathways.


If you are serious about coming to Canada for work or PR you will want to take some time with this FREE Job Bank Tool Guide provided by the Canada Network.


Best Wishes,

Earl Blaney (ICCRC Member)

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