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Serving students globally. Anyone from anywhere.

100% online service and support

our legal work is excellent, our customer support is exceptional.

Post-Secondary Support brochure 2017


Join the growing number of private and public post-secondary schools in Canada using The Canada Network to support their incoming international students.

  • We are accessible to students all over the world 100% online service.

  • Canadian government licensed immigration consultants (ICCRC) members (safe, dependable).

  • Fair and ethical prices for study permit processing. We offer the Best value in the industry.

  • Expert knowledge of embassy specific requirements globally.

  • High approval rates, excellent legal support with expert knowledge and care.

  • Experience dealing with high risk applications and regions with high refusal rates.

  • Experience working at post-secondary institutions (ISA) experience working abroad with international students.

Our licensed RCICs have acted as International Student Advisors to Canadian post-secondary institutions and provide ongoing support, clarification and assistance to partner schools FREE of charge. If you are using The Canada Network you have direct access to EXPERT LEVEL International Student Advisor support (ICCRC).


We will improve your incoming student numbers, we will improve your incoming students' experience.

Our legal work is excellentour customer support is exceptional.

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